This oc belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. I adopted him from Pipthepuplover. Thank chuu sis~! ^^ Zoomer is the younger brother of Layla and Roslyn.

Bio Edit

After his mothers's, Zoomer felt lost in the world. He still had his father but not a mother. He just stayed quiet for his life until Roslyn and Layla took him to Puppy School. After a day in school Zoomer wasn't quiet anymore. He did many fun things in his life.

Personality Edit

Zoomer is a nice pup. He doesn't like being treated like dirt. He also doesn't like it when his girlfriend, Go go, calls him cute. He prefers cool. He pretty laid back most of the time. He is active and somewhat fast.

Appearance Edit

Zoomer is a white Australian Shepherd. He has a gray spot on his back, forehead, left paw, and right eye. He also has a gray tip on his tail.

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Random Facts: Edit

  • When he is older, He grows taller than his sisters

Voice actors: Edit

Young Zoomer: ~Still deciding~

Older Zoomer: ~Still deciding~

Crush: Edit

Zoomer has a crush on Go go

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