This oc belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. She is one of Fatima's friends in Puppy School. She is in second gen.


I changed her around. (No hate comments)


After moving away from the big city into Adventure Bay, Roslyn, Layla and Zoomer met Fatima and she should them around Adventure bay. She and Fatima talk every so often about girly stuff and sometimes even love. Ever since she moved away from the big city she started feeling safer and safer. She found a home that she would be happy in. Her life turned around. She goes to Puppy school and has good manners. She has been starting to forget about her past and her parents since she never really knew them. She has a happy life with her owner.


Roslyn is a calm pup. She has a big and enjoys volunteering in school. She enjoys helping the younger pups. She is the "Heart" of the school and she's probably the nicest pup in there.



  • Rocky- Boyfriend/Husband

Random Facts:

  • Originally she was going to be a red Husky
  • She is the heart of the school

Voice actors:

~Still deciding~


Roslyn has a crush on Rocky