She is zoomer layla and Roslyn little sister

Bio Edit

Apperints Edit

She is white with a black spot and her floppy ear a black spot on her tip of her tail and a black diamond on her chest and a orange spot on her left eye with 1 yellow eye and 1 purple eye and 1 floppy ear and 1 prukt ear

Random Edit

She has no crush Ill come to u if I what her to be shipped!

She is younger than sora

She speeks three prsoned

She still talks puppy talk

She calls zoomer zoomy she call Roslyn rose and layla lay

Chibimausu is her real name and it means minie mouse in japines

She is Latin japines and amaricon

She is a tranne to marshall

Rashonships Edit

Reashonips Edit

Gallery Edit

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