Layla is in second gen. She is the younger sister of Roslyn and an older sister to Zoomer. This oc belongs to PuppyLuverJoy.


Living with her father makes Layla happy a lot. Since her mother died when Zoomer was born. She was only heart broken for a few days until Roslyn comforted her and told her that she was in a better place. Yep, she loves her sister and Zoomer to death. She doesn't really have a past other than her mom dieing. She is pretty happy now in the present and lives a good live.


Layla is active and Fun. Layla has a wild imagination and is active at school like her sister. She doesn't like to be ignored by anyone.


Layla is a black Australian shepherd. She has a white chest, muzzle, socks, and under tail. She has a white spot shaped like diamond on her forehead.



  • Hiro- Boyfriend/Mate

Random Facts:

  • Layla was going to originally gonna have brown socks but I liked whit better

Voice Actors:

Young Laya: ~Still deciding~

Older Layla: ~Still deciding~


Layla has a crush on Hiro.