Fatima fully belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. Fatima is a Husky who goes to Puppy school. She isn't a trainee but when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. She is in second gen.


Living with her parents makes her happy. She has a family and shelter to live in. She doesn't much have a tragic past and she's happy because she didn't have one. She is happy and grateful for things she has in life.


Fatima is a kind hearted pup. She likes to meet new people and friendly to most pups she meets. She is sweet and hides most of her emotions when it comes to dating. She doesn't like bullies and luckily she doesn't have any bullies. When Pace gets bullied at Puppy school Fatima stands up for him. She sometimes likes to tease Pace but not all the time. She is active, loving and playful. As a student, Fatima takes her grades seriously.


Fatima is a redish Husky. She has a pink collar with a tag that represents she goes to Puppy School. Her body is redish and she has white socks. She has face marks and her under-tail is white. She has pointed ears that are also redish.



  • Pace- Boyfriend/Husband

Random facts:

  • Originally she was going to be a brown Husky but I realized that she would like my other Roslyn.
  • She sometimes like to tease Pace when she's bored.
  • Danny used to have a crush on her
  • Pop rock is her adopted sis though she considers her as a real sis since she loves so much

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