She is Evey dog inthe world (I know it isn't a real thing but its for fun!)

Bio Edit

When she was frist born her mom died ane her dad She was mad at her and he picked her up and throw her out of the denm3ouths old when she got pupnap by bad guys and she was abuse BADLY and she was bit on the right ear and a guys cut her left side of her back leg of and they nearly killed her but when she was 13 mouoths old then they thrown her in water and she drowned but lucky for her honey lemon (human not dog) saved her a and told her that she was her owner and she was so happy being with her again

Appereates Edit

She is gray and she has heterochromia right eye is blue and left eye is brown and her right ear is floppy with bite Chios on it and her left ear is pruckt with 1 bite chip on it

Pursonality Edit

Reashonships Edit



Go go






Rocky pp







Crush Edit

I talk suddestind but im vary picky

Random Edit

Cathryn meands "Pure" in grmin

Her nicknames are pure,kate,cece

Pleaes ask if u can make the same breed as her!!!!!

She is honey lemons pet (human not dog because honey seemed to me a purfikt pet owner for her)

She is all tomboy

She has no jod yet

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