She fully belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. She is the mentor of Pop rock and Skye's younger sister. Pipthepuplover thought about her name. Credit goes to her for it~! ^^ Thank you for the name sis~! ^^


Candy lives with her parents because of her young age. She was going to move in with Skye but she like it was already crowded in her house and didn't want to bother her little family. At home she gets bored since she is the only young pup. She likes to cook for her parents too but sometimes they won't allow her since they feel she's too young. She goes and visits Skye sometimes and enjoys playing with her nephews and nieces. She lives a happy life and grateful for that. Not much to her past other then being happy and cheerful.


Candy is a white Cockapoo. She has a light brown spot on her right front paw. Her ears are light brown too. She has a light blue color with pink eyes.


As a pup she's playful and active and enjoys almost anything. She tends to be cheerful and and upbeat pup who likes sweet thing like candy, stuffed animals and hearts. She is sweet and polite and sometimes likes to have chats with her nephews and nieces.



  • She has a stuffed teddy bear.
  • She is 8 years old in human years.
  • She was originally gonna have a brown mask but I changed it.
  • She gets emotional when she watches sad movies.
  • As a teenager she wants to find her own her own love, so she goes out with any guy that asks her out to see if that is her true love.
  • She had many ex-boyfriends in the past but dumped them.
  • Since she makes candy she is a good cook and sometimes cooks with her family despite her age


  • Skye- sister
  • Chase- brother-in-law
  • Pace- nephew
  • Sora- niece
  • Fatima- niece-in-law

Voice actor:

Young Candy: ~Open to suggestions~

Adult Candy: ~Open to suggestions~


She doesn't have a crush yet but she is looking for somepup out there. She just has to find the right pup to win her heart.


  • "Let's bake up some sweets" Credit goes to Pipthepuplover for the catchphrase
  • "Sugar and spice candy is nice" Credit goes to Pipthepuplover for the catchphrase
  • "From gummy bears to lollipops I got them all" Credit goes to Pipthepuplover for the catchphrase
  • "I got these candies on a roll" Credit goes to Pipthepuplover for the catchphrase


Coming soon~!